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Dynamic Yoga Class

Inspired by Ashtangga Vinyasa Yoga ...

(Beginner & intermediate ...)

Synchronization of movements on breathing ...

Deepen and deepen your Body in depth, while allowing more Spirit Openings to further explore our Consciousness Structures.

Course also highlighting

Alignment & Adjustment - Relaxation of Mind

Awareness of Different Energy Networks.

 Ashtanga Yoga teaching from  Indian Master S.K PATTABHIS JOIS & from Flow Vinyasa Yoga,

Yoga Dynoamic was taught to me in the "Centre Learderfit en France". Method set et worked by Caroline Boulinguez...

Energy Yoga Session

Beginner & Intermediare

Creation of Sessions given once a month, combining Breath - Postures - Alignments

While touching specific areas within the heart cells & energy centers

Organisation sur demande de Cours individuel ou collectif : me contacter

A prévoir - Tapis de yoga, Couverture, Sangle ou grand foulard, Brique ou Coussin.

 Ces petits outils permettront de travailler avec plus d'aisance !


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Dynamic Yoga

Group classes

​Durée 1h

53 €/mois  ou la Séance 17 €

Dynamic Yoga

Individuel class

​Durée 1h

70 € la séance/personne

Energy Yoga

Group sessions

​Durée 1h30

20 € la séance/personne

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