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Taking into account naturally "All that the person represents"

How you are positioned in the Past - Present - Future

The Needs of the Physical, Emotional, Mental Body As well as certain modes of operation

(release - cleaning - relaxation - repositioning ...)

My specialty also allows me to intervene with other techniques that can possibly be identified with the work done by an osteopath or a reflexologist among others ... in order to act on different parts of the body

Replace the body to relieve, alleviate or relieve it of pain, inflammation, tension, trauma or other symptoms in different forms. (Information sometimes inaccessible by so-called conventional or other techniques)

At the level of the emotional body & the mental body
 Other methods related for example to the "Tools of Coaching Maïeuticien" can be used such as "Emotion Management" or "Consciousness Index" allowing to have a better understanding
 especially in repetitive family patterns

Deep changes can be addressed by

The Journey of "Consciousness to a Higher Level" to Have Access to Resistances causing recurrent blockages at different levels

 Body & Spirit.

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Pricing for  Individual session

In person or remotely


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