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Taking Care of One's Body & Mind

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In a few words, I would like to introduce myself and explain the concept of quantum physics

« This is a new passage that will offer you an advanced form of autonomy, rhythm and clarity in your life. To awaken your own truth and to honor your true self.are. For you alone are the master of your destiny.» 


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Energy Sessions

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Freeing Stress and Anxiety

Mental Preparation (Scholastic Testing, Competitions, Medical Examinations, Public Speaking, etc…)

Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Motivation, Concentration & Communication

Detect - Listen - Control - Evacuate

Stimulating Imagination & Creativity


Après de multiples opérations chirurgicale, podologue, kiné, etc.. sur plusieurs années pour soulager mes pieds sans amélioration, les séances nrj et le coaching nrj avec Sandrine m'ont réellement soulagés...
Encore merci à toi 🙏💞


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